Foods that can drain your IVF cost and outcome

Foods that can drain your IVF cost and outcome

16th August 2022

As you might know, IVF is the key to motherhood when your body refuses to give you this happiness naturally. This positive aspect of IVF is motivating hundreds and millions of people around the world to such an extent that they are spending lacs of money as IVF cost to give birth to babies.

However, the success rate of IVF treatment is not 100%. You may never know whether the hard earned money you are spending on IVF cost will be worth it. But you may be shocked to know that the food you eat determines its success to a great extent. Let us know which foods should be avoided during IVF treatment.

Raw eggs are harmful

Eating an egg every day is highly recommended when you are pregnant because it serves as the most potent source of natural protein. But eating raw eggs can be extremely dangerous for you when you are under IVF treatment.

Eating raw eggs during this time would make you sick as you will have health concerns like food poisoning, acute indigestion and diarrhoea.

Further, raw eggs increase the vulnerability to salmonella poisoning. So you must stay away from any food where raw eggs have been used during preparation such as mayonnaise, egg salad dressings, etc.

Refined sugar is bad

Even if you have sweet tooth, a dish that has been prepared using refined sugar can drain water on the money you have spent on IVF cost.

Refined sugar is not healthy for the body because it interferes with the natural insulin production process. Hence, the body uses its internal mechanism to increase the production of natural insulin so that the sugar level can be adjusted.

The whole arrangement creates intense pressure on the kidneys for increasing the production of natural insulin, which in turn, affects the reproductive functions of the body.

Seafood is not recommended

Seafood is considered a natural source of high protein. But seafood is not recommended at all when you have paid for IVF cost and are undergoing IVF treatment.

The reason is that seafood contains high amounts of sodium and mercury. These increase the chances of birth defects in the neonate that is growing up in the womb.

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