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Third Party Reproduction

Superlative Compliance to standards set in Third Party Reproduction by way of vertical integration with in-house State-of-the-Art facilities to cater to – Egg Donation, Sperm Donation and Surrogacy. However, the third party's involvement is limited to the reproductive process and does not extend into the raising of the child. In line with the principles underlying the ICMR guidelines and GENOME’s own legal and ethical framework representing the very context and ethos of its services, an independent entity, GENEOSIS, has been set up to look into and deliver Third Party Reproductive Services comprising of Egg Donation Services, Semen Banking and Surrogacy.

Sperm donation

A third party provides sperm, which is tested/prepared and cryo-preserved, that can be used for insemination of the future mother or to fertilize an ovum for re-insertion of the resulting embryo into the mother, or by embryo transfer into a surrogate mother.

Ovum donation

An egg donor provides ova for fertilization in the IVF process. The embryo is placed into the uterus/womb of the future mother (embryo transfer).

Gestational carrier/Surrogacy

A woman carries a baby through the pregnancy for another person. This involves the use of IVF as the embryo is implanted by embryo transfer.

Infrastructure and Resources available at GENOME across all of its multiple centres – Equipments, Clinicians, Design Excellence through adoption of latest concepts in Healthcare Design, Infection Control and Sterility Zoning to achieve highest grade of Clean Air, Integration of Software to minimize manual errors, Clinical Software for Records Management/History/Tracking for clinical and legal requirements, etc.

GENOME has been a pioneer in the adoption of the latest design standards for Clean Rooms as per AHSRAE, JCI and NABH guidelines. All the new centres being planned along with the flagship Mother Centres would be established with State-of-the-Art technology in Air-Conditioning to achieve the desired levels of GRADE-A, Class-V of ISO 14644-1 Sterility as is recommended for such clinics on account of the superior HVAC Control with dedicated HEPA Filters and Laminar Flow and multiple grades of infrastructure zoning from Clean to Protected to Sterile. With the latest IT integration packages having been implemented, GENOME is in a position to ensure that each and every aspect of its service delivery is traceable and open for external and clinical audit on all the commitments of excellence it promises its patients.

Research into adoption of latest techniques to improve upon success rates – Controlled Stimulation Protocols, Ways to reduce OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome), Psychosomatic studies into Stress and effects of Stress after the procedure on Success Rates, Results of studies on Stimulation Protocol to Avoid Weekend Retrievals, etc.

As part of its continual endeavors to improve upon its service delivery and add value to the domain of Fertility Services by way of evolving the clinical protocols, GENOME is involved with multiple studies on the effects of Conception, Live Birth rates, Psychological Burden of Treatment, etc.These studies, in turn, have provided us with an invaluable perspective into the intangible equations defining the ultimate mission of our team in achieving superior degrees of Successful Conceptions and Full Term Pregnancies.

Service Excellence

Clinical Excellence by way of Research and Development with a dedicated faculty into Research, Clinical Trials and Training.

With a vision of being recognized as a true “Centre of Excellence”, GENOME has been able to put in place an elaborate Training, Research and Development wing headed by very senior practitioners to delve deeper into the possible ways of improving and innovating on the various aspects of the clinical protocols. With a dedicated infrastructure to accommodate the Training and Research facilities, GENOME seeks to establish itself as the leading Institute in this domain over and above its position as an Excellent Service Provider.

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