The 5 Major Steps Done In Most IVF Clinics In Kolkata

The 5 Major Steps Done In Most IVF Clinics In Kolkata

15th September 2022

Infertility is one of the major issues that are confronted by most couples. Among the procedures that are primarily used to treat infertility in both men and women, IVF is the most beneficial one. IVF or In-vitro fertilization is one of the most helpful, generally performed final infertility treatments all around the world.

Apart from the persons who have personal experience with this method, most people are unaware of this procedure. IVF is a very complicated and lengthy process because of the existence of multiple steps in it. IVF process requires a lengthy preparation time to start the main steps of it.

Here in this article, we would inform you about how IVF procedures take place in most IVF clinics in India. Let’s see how the IVF process works step by step. You can consider this article as your preliminary guide.

Preparation Of IVF

Before commencing the IVF method, there is a mandatory preparation period required. During this period, your uterus and fallopian tubes get checked and examined to make sure that there is everything alright. These are the common processes that are efficiently followed in almost every IVF clinic in Kolkata.

Your body would go through some pre-cycle test that contains hormone level checks to ensure thyroid functionality. Both of you and your husband get checked to secure the fact that there is no chance of STDs. At last, the semen of your partner is tested to review its activity and functionality.

Retrieval Of Eggs

After examining each of the testing-related issues, now it’s time for the collection of eggs. Collecting eggs is a surgical procedure and therefore should be performed after 34-36 hours after receiving the trigger shot. During this process, an ultrasound is utilized to guide a small needle through the top of the vagina into one ovary and then the other one.

There is no chance of discomfort and concern as the entire process is performed under an anesthesiologist. While the gentle suction of the needle, some ovarian follicles and follicular fluids get wiped out in which the eggs are found.


The next process that is followed by the best IVF centres in India is none other than fertilization. Once the eggs are entered into the lab, the expert professionals review them and wait for them up to maturity. Once the eggs get matured, they are set into a cultured medium incubator where they would get fertiliser by the seem after some resting time.

Embryo Placement

The rest is the placement of embryos. The medical team analyse everything and arrange the date when the embryos would be successfully placed in the uterus of the woman after freezing them with various advanced technologies like ICSI.


Sometimes additional processes are given by the doctors to help elder women who have age-related problems and previously contain an unsuccessful IVF experience.

So these are the main 5 major processes that are followed by every IVF clinic in India. IVF is a complicated process and thus requires additional care and vigilance.

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