Precautions given by IVF centre in Kolkata when the embryo has been transferred

18th July 2022

The IVF process is very critical. The medical professionals at a reputed IVF centre in Kolkata remark that it is that pristine process that challenges all the issues related to your fertility to make you a happy couple with a newborn.

Every stage in the IVF procedure is critical. The most critical stage is when the embryo transfer process starts. Here, the specialists at a top IVF centre in Kolkata suggest that you have to be very cautious and follow certain guidelines during this time. Listed here are some of these guidelines. Read carefully.

Never skip medicines

The IVF centre in Kolkata, Delhi or wherever you have contacted for IVF treatment will prescribe a number of medicines during this time. Remember, every medicine is important for you as well as the embryo growing inside. So, do not skip any medicine.

Eat healthy

Your body needs lots and lots of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates during this time to be able to handle the changes that will occur inside you every day. Here, the medical professionals suggest that eating supplements are never the recommended way to supply your body with micro and macronutrients. All you need is a healthy platter comprising fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals and pulses. So pamper your taste buds with healthy food during this time.

Baby aspirin works

The world famous IVF specialists serving at a reputed IVF centre in Kolkata suggest that baby aspiring serves as a miracle medicine during the early days of embryo transplant into a woman’s body. Actually, baby aspirin has some unique properties that help in successful implantation. Moreover, they have researched and found out that baby aspirin is very effective in ensuring that the entire journey of motherhood will be free from complications. Even though such ideas are at the laboratory stages only, you can still talk to the OBS-GYN about taking mild doses of baby aspirin for assisting your body now.


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