Recommended changes you have to be prepared for during IVF

Recommended changes you have to be prepared for during IVF

15th June 2022

If you are planning to opt for IVF treatment, you should be aware of both its pros and cons. You would experience changes in your body, mind as well as your relationship during the process. So, one of the best IVF centre in India recommends that it is always best to remain aware while you pursue the treatment. These are some of their recommendations.

Accept your mental state

The first thing that you are probably supposed to experience relates to your mental state. When the IVF treatment starts, you may experience mood upswings, anxiety, irritability and depression.

One of the best IVF centre in India says that even your partner will have to accept your anger, frustration and irritability because the treatment will initiate hormonal changes inside your body.

Physical problems will overpower you

One of the best IVF centre in India even says that the IVF treatment will bring along with it a range of physical problems like swelling of feet, body ache, headache and heaviness in the lower abdomen.

But you must not worry at all because these changes only occur in the female body to denote that the IVF treatment is going successful and perhaps the egg fertilization is going well.

Loss of appetite

When you conceive, people generally advise you to eat more and eat a healthy diet. But when you are going through IVF treatment, you may feel that you have literally lost your appetite.

The doctors at the best IVF centre in India say that this should be taken positive sign. This loss of appetite signals that the fertilization is probably going well. So, you have to get over this feeling and eat a healthy platter comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, stews, cereals and nuts to aid the treatment.

A bedrest

You might be advised to be on bed rest for a few weeks after the IVF treatment has started. Do not consider this as something unusual. The doctors at one of the best IVF centre in India remark that this happens to a majority of women undergoing this treatment.

Actually, bed rest is recommended to ensure that the fertilization of the ovum will happen safely and successfully, which might otherwise be hampered due to physical labour. So, there is no reason to be panicked.

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